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We are creative, but data comes first.
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In our daily lives, it’s not usual to find a group of people that so passionately love boring expressions like data-driven, paid media, content marketing, automation, SEO, business Intelligence or B2B Storytelling. Hell, we even love pharmaceutical marketing!

Yeah, we’re geeky like that! But don’t worry, as we’re data-led, we’re also awesome at social media management, web-development, design and all that mainstream crap…

Our team Samuel Fernandes, Head of Development Daniela Munhoz, Head of New Business Ana Fernandes, Executive Director

Our story

We were born in 2012, amidst a serious economic crisis and brands cutting marketing investments by half (ouch!).

Our purpose was to do performance marketing, providing integrated data-driven digital marketing solutions and achieving high return on investment for our clients budget.

We have evolved, diversified our portfolio of services but one thing remains the same: Data is in our DNA, the pilar that sustains every strategy we develop. Together with our clients, we design and implement disruptive and efficient experiences to satisfy the greatest needs of the brand, the users, and the community.


Be it acquisition, loyalty, or cross/up-selling strategies, we generate a high impact across all business goals, supported by proprietary methodologies. This is because our approach to digital marketing is not focused on the development of digital campaigns, but on the creation of long-term relationships.

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